WELCOME!!!!  I’m Rebekah and my mission is to help you create delicious, healthy, vibrant recipes in your own kitchen. You want to create meals that are effortless, satisfying, and full of flavor. And, since you didn’t graduate with a degree in the culinary arts, you don’t want to spend hours on meal prep each day.  

Your main problem is that you don’t believe you have the time, skill, or energy to make satisfying meals that nourish your body and taste amazing.

I’m willing to bet that you find yourself:

  • Frustrated when your family complains about eating the same dishes over and over again despite your efforts to cook homemade meals for them
  • Buying the same overpriced, highly-processed, and nutritionally void foods at the grocery store week after week to save time
  • Wanting to explore different flavors and new recipes without having to purchase 20+ ingredients (some of which you have to Google!)
  • Handing over your hard-earned cash at the same, take out and fast food drive-through window for sub-par food when you committed to not coming here so often
  • Living with health challenges you know would be improved or eliminated by eating in a new way

Imagine how good it will feel when you confidently walk into your kitchen and use your new TASTE THE WORLD spice kit and accompanying recipes to create nourishing, delicious meals with minimal effort. You’ll begin to see cooking as a time to explore with the TASTE THE WORLD spice kit as your trusty guide around a delicious world of flavors!


  • What if you sat down to supper with your family tonight and they raved about the flavors and quality of the meal you made?


  • What if your meals no longer came from boxes and cans, and instead you were eating fresh and nutritious food that lit up your taste buds and energized your body?


  • What if you made meals bursting with new flavors in record time that left you wondering why the heck you ever doubted your abilities in the kitchen?  Move over, Barefoot Contessa!


  • What if you looked forward to eating your meals at home so much that the drive-through server at McDonalds assumed you moved away?


  • What if your new way of eating had your doctor asking what you were doing to make improvements in your health in such a short time?


You’re someone who deserves delicious, healthy meals that take into account your time, abilities, and budget.  

My intention in creating TASTE THE WORLD spice kit is to provide you with new inspiration in making your kitchen a playground of adventure where nourishing, scrumptious meals are prepared and enjoyed by you and your family – even with your hectic schedules.

Your days of having to choose between highly-processed foods, take-out meals, or hours in the kitchen are over. Can I get a Hallelujah?

I personally developed TASTE THE WORLD spice kit to help you:

  • Save Money Eating out is expensive! It’s much cheaper (and healthier) to purchase groceries. By creating dishes with the numerous internationally-themed spices in your TASTE THE WORLD spice kit you won’t need to leave home for mouth-watering Italian, BBQ, Asian, Latin or American food. (This money-saving strategy will also improve your finances and lower your stress levels)
  • Encourage Family Bonding – Family connections can really improve with greater frequency of family meals served at home. When you prepare delicious food and enjoy it together at the dinner table, you also improve everyone’s mental health and create closer bonds. That is Priceless.
  • Build Healthy Habits – Home-cooked meals give you a jump-start on your healthy lifestyle! Your TASTE THE WORLD spice kit, healthy recipes, and new-found confidence in the kitchen, will have you and your family inspired to live a more healthy and fit life.
  • Improve Your Nutrition – Restaurants – fast-food and otherwise – serve food that is notoriously high in calories, sugar, fat, sodium, and carbohydrates. Making your own food at home gives you control over what you include (and exclude) in your diet. When you’re in control of the food you cook, and the food you eat, you avoid temptation and make healthier choices.
  • Savor Your Food – The act of preparing your own meals will lead to you to appreciate your food much more. You’ll pay more attention to the flavors and textures of your food. You’ll appreciate how certain foods and spices from your TASTE THE WORLD spice kit really complements one another. You’ll relish, slowing down as you eat to more fully enjoy your meal.
  • Have Confidence and Control – You will no longer be at the mercy of fast-food chains and processed food manufacturers who profit from you believing that meal prep is too time-consuming, expensive, and complicated. You will amaze yourself with the meals that you’ll prepare at home with your TASTE THE WORLD spice kit in less time than it takes to order take-out and drive to pick it up. Best of all, your body will respond with improved energy, better digestion, and very likely, weight loss.