For this salad, I slice fresh fennel and cucumber and then top it with raisins and walnuts. It’s a
perfect, anytime-of-day summer salad. It’s also best when serving it good and chilled which
really makes for a good merge of creamy crunch and delicate sweetness.
Other times I have grated the cucumber, chopped some garlic and added a bit of fresh lemon
juice, which lends itself to a tzatziki feel and is so versatile as an on-the-go dipping sauce.
For those who prefer sour cream, a vegan mayo or cashew cream, substitute as you wish!

1 c. Whole Milk Yogurt
1 T. Persian Princess
½ tsp Salt

Mix the yogurt, Persian Princess and salt. Allow it to rest for an hour or so when
possible for the herbs to re-hydrate which brings out their optimal flavor. You may also
add a good squeeze of fresh citrus, a drop of your favorite Vitality essential oil, or a
handful of fresh scallions for an added pop of flavor.
Slather, dip or spoon over anything needing a dose of goodness and Enjoy!