Bahamen Baker

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The uses, the uses, let me count the ways! This blend is the multi-use, baking spice blend of this set. When I was growing up, my grandmothers’ house was the after-church, ritual lunch destination on Sundays. Invariably this meant that a perfectly warm apple pie would be resting on the counter with caramelized gooiness dripping from the overhanging flaky crust, just waiting for me to impulsively break off a crumbly piece without my great grandmothers’ approval. Often, she would have a chilled pumpkin or strawberry-rhubarb pie there as well, just because. The scent and visuals of those pies are lodged in my mind forever and inspired the creation of this blend.

As the cold weather approaches each year, I begin to crave those warm, from-the-oven scents in a frothy mug of chai tea, spiced eggnog, fruity mulled wine or in a savory sweet squash soup. Yet the uses for the Bahamen Baker extend throughout the year. The challenge though, for many of us moms and dads on-the-go is having the time to gather all the spices we may need. I created this blend to be able to accommodate most of your “spice-adding” demands. You can substitute this for cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin pie spice or apple pie spice. You can also combine it with powdered sugar for an exotic dusting on funnel cake, doughnuts or waffles. I like making a yummy spiced butter with raw honey and orange or lemon zest for an exotic pop of flavor on a warm blueberry or cranberry-walnut muffins. The Bahamen Baker also creates a luscious pistachio whipped cream to dollop on a bowl of mixed summer berries.

For those of you who are more experienced in the spice-combining department, you may use this blend as your base of warming flavors and then add some ground cardamom, fennel or fresh ginger to add another layer of dimension which is especially great in Chai Tea. There is no wrong way to use the Bahamen Baker. The main thing is to just taste as you go and have some fun!