Cowboy Blues Story

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The Cowboy Blues and the Harissa-Jerk were designed for three purposes.  The first one is for use as a peppering agent as you would the black pepper on your kitchen table.  The second use is to kick up the heat in any of the other spice blends. The third use is to make a plethora of exotically spiced dishes, simply by sprinkling in either of these blends.

I would describe the Cowboy Blues as “flavorful heat with the essence of smoke”.  The essence of smoke however, is like cilantro. Most people either love it or hate it.  Ironically, fresh cilantro pairs well the Cowboy Blues, and the Cowboy Blues meshes perfectly in many southwestern and Latin dishes using the Pachamama Lama

This blend, while spicier than 8 of my other blends, is not overly hot, nor is it overly smoky.  So, if you’re one of the those who dislike “smoky” flavors, don’t rule it out. As with all my blends, I recommend tasting each one individually. Get a feel for the possibilities.  The Cowboy Blues adds a unique richness and depth to boring soups, stewed tomatoes & beans, mashed sweet potatoes, chili and fresh salsa. For any type of grilled, seared, roasted or pulled meats, it is completely harmonious as well.  I love making a big pan of garlic & seared wild mushrooms with a good sprinkling of the Cowboy Blues right before those earthy bad boys get their final stir. It’s a very primal delicacy for me that only comes once a year. I thank my Uncle G for being the autumnal forager that he is.

Use the Cowboy Blues to kick up the smoky heat in One Love BBQ or to make a hearty rub by combining it with One Love Curry.   Try one of our house favorite summer salads, which is baby greens, sliced avocado and garden-fresh tomato topped with the Cowboy Blues Lime Crème and Toasted Cowboy Pepitas for some gluten-free crunch.  It’s a cool, creamy, refreshing salad flecked with just enough heat to let you taste the adventure of the Cowboy Blues!