Harissa Jerk Spice Blend Story

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Think of this blend as the artsy sibling, that completely breaks all the rules.  In considering the two inspirations behind this blend, the arid state of Tunisia, Africa and the lush tropical island of Jamaica, I respectfully thank each of them for allowing me to reinterpret and mesh their cultural signature flavors. The first fiery condiment that inspired this blend is the African harissa paste, made from a pounded or pureed blend of spicy chilis, garlic and olive oil with some varying signature spices.  The second condiment is Jamaica’s well-known jerk seasoning, which is made from the popular Scotch Bonnet chili peppers, allspice, thyme and other aromatics. Somewhere in between those two, unique worlds the Harissa-Jerk came to be, which is composed of an exotic blend of warming spices, flecked with lemony heat and aromatics that gives this blend the potential to cross borders and cultures. This blend is made everyone who enjoys big bold flavors.

Apart from the Harissa-Jerk adding some fun pizzazz when sprinkled on simple favorites like roasted Brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes, mac-n-cheese, pizza, ramen noodle and fried rice, it’s also great as a marinade for steaks and chicken to grill at your next BBQ.  I love slathering an eggplant steak with olive oil, salt and the Harissa-Jerk. I roast it in the oven until its crispy on the outside and tender inside. I top that with a dollop of fresh hummus, give it a drizzle of honey and a squeeze of fresh lime juice and Boom! It’s simple nourishment that’s oh-so-delicious.  The honey-lime combination with the Harissa-Jerk, rounds out the heat and brightly accentuates the aromatics.

For a quick morning tofu or egg scramble, the Harissa-Jerk with One Love Curry combine perfectly.  Finish your scramble with a drizzle of pesto, and an ordinary breakfast becomes extraordinary. As with the Cowboy Blues, you may use the Harissa-Jerk as both a peppering agent or to boost the heat of one of your other favorite blends.  Creativity is fun when you can’t make a mistake!