Mediterranean Mermaid Spice Blend

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To get a clear picture of the Mediterranean Mermaid spice blend and is usage possibilities, think everything Italian.  From marinara sauces (or gravy as my Jersey aunt would call it), lasagna, meatballs & cheeseballs, breaded chicken cutlets & eggplant, to flavorful vinaigrettes & seasoned dipping oils, the Mediterranean Mermaid is your go-to blend.  Soups such as pasta fagioli and minestrone harmonize perfectly with the Mermaid as well.

For a delicious vegetable or chicken soup, I mix equal parts of the Mediterranean Mermaid, Spanish Sage and Persian Princess and sprinkle them in closer to the end of the soup-making process because they don’t need to cook long for their flavors to really develop.  Just give them enough time to mesh into the broth and lightly simmer for a few minutes. That’s all the time they need.

I designed these blends for two categories of people: those who think they can’t cook and those who think they don’t have time to cook.  As a single working mother, I experience the frustrations of trying to juggle daily responsibilities of parenthood and life. Frankly, until I developed these blends, I was in the second category.  As much as I love to cook and value a nutritious home-cooked meal, countless days of ordering take-out was my only option.

Now, when I am lacking in time, I can take the most ordinary bag of frozen vegetables in one pan and have another pan side by side for whatever protein I am making.  I sprinkle in some spices and VOILA! A dinner that’s gratifying and satisfying is served!

Lastly, and unless a medical condition prevents you, please remember to salt.  Using these blends on their own will not impart their fullest potential of flavor, if you don’t bring out those flavors with a good salt.   When you decide which blend is your favorite, mix a 1:1 ratio of spice blend to salt. Keep it on your kitchen counter in a spice shaker or place it in a leftover spice jar for a quick, on-the-go seasoning salt.  These blends can help revolutionize your cooking experience. Cooking has never been easier😊