One Love BBQ Spice Blend

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People come together around food.   One of my most memorable moments in the distant archives of my mind was when I lived in Korea.  An older Korean woman who I met at an open market, invited me into her house to teach me how to prepare some authentic Korean dishes.  One of those dishes was Korean BBQ beef. I remember the laughter. I remember the flavors and how she mixed the rice with her hands. I remember how amazed and grateful I was that this woman opened her heart and home to me, a total stranger.  What is more amazing is that I did not speak Korean, nor did she speak English. As a matter of fact, I don’t know how we communicated enough for her to realize my love and passion for cooking, nor do I know how I was able to find my way to her home without GPS and enjoy that evening as though we had known one another forever.  That, to me, is the message of love, and how like food, it brings people together. We are all one and cooking together, mends perceived divides.

An interesting fact about One Love BBQ is that it came to be, by a total serendipitous accident.  I had been testing blends for years. The original blends were six in the set and I labeled them by colors.  I had leftover blends of the Orange which I did not like on its own, along with the Red and Violet. I mixed equal parts of each and the One Love BBQ was born.  It was meant to be!  Ironically, it has more ingredients than any other blends and the widest array of herbs and spices, representative of all the people in this world coming together as one, with all their unique and colorful diversities, working together, and creating awesomeness.   It is possible!

So, in the spirit of diversity, you may feel liberated in the creative possibility behind this One Love BBQ Sauce recipe.  Not only is it very simple, but you may also substitute up to half of the required amount of One Love BBQ with whatever blend you choose.    Make it herbier with the Spanish Sage or Mediterranean Mermaid.  Make it more exotic and spicier with the Harissa-Jerk.  Add a knob of fresh ginger, a jalapeno, a splash of sesame oil and the South Seas Surprise and you’ve easily given your BBQ a more Asian flare.  Be sure to keep a pen and paper handy so you can keep track of your creations.