One Love Curry

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When people hear the word curry, it usually invokes relatively strong emotions. Some people
immediately crave it, others cringe in hearing the word. It is understandable, because not all curries are created equal. Countless cultures of people have their own version of what we call a “curry”. However, many people do not realize that there isn’t just one universal curry. The everyday golden colored curry powders that line supermarket shelves across America have in a way jaded the word curry. Those curry powder receive their golden color from the presence of Turmeric which is one of the main ingredients.

However, if these curry powders are not used with proper preparation the results can be pasty, bitter and sometimes slightly offensive. Other curries are sold in paste form, and their colors reflect the ingredients they are made with, such as chilis, herbs, garlic, cumin, coriander and other powerful spices.

The word “curry” is a unique blend of spices and herbs that are indigenous to the regional
culture that is preparing them, and families throughout the world have a version that truly represents the essence of life and flavors of their own, unique community. If you’ve ever seen a curry being prepared while one is mashing the ingredients in a stone mortar and
pestle, then tossing those spices or paste into a hot iron pan with some oil and coconut milk, it’s like watching magic. You never know what gorgeous flavors will end up on that spoon and the love, tradition and wisdom is apparent.

My goal was to create a universal, lighter curry blend, that will be easily useful and appealing to
the average palette. Take a pinch and taste it. Be with it. Get a feel for the flavors you taste. A good curry can turn leftover produce into a heart healthy, deeply satisfying bowl of warm comfort.

For more complexity, combine One Love Curry with Pachamama Lama and a distinct path to
your beloved Indian flavors appears. Add a bit Bahamen Baker to One Love Curry, and a sultry Malaysian curry appears. For those of us in the United States, the Bahamen Baker and One Love Curry turns an Acorn Squash Soup into the flavors of Autumn. The Harissa-Jerk adds a great exotic heat to the One Love Curry and South Seas Surprise harmonizes as well. For a smoky curry rub or for freshly toasted pumpkin seeds, mix One Love Curry with Cowboy Blues. Be One with One Love Curry. She wears many exciting faces��