Pachamama Lama Spice Blend

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The history and name Pachamama extend from the indigenous people of the Andes in South America and represents a powerful deity whose creative energy is in caregiving for our earth, specifically involving planting crops and harvesting.  Her message in part, is that problems arise when we take more than we give from our planet. She is what we would refer to as “Mother Earth” and I love her mission. How fitting for this Latin inspired blend. I also have a Peruvian friend named Cathy who is one of greatest human beings I have ever met, a supreme giver and some of her favorite traditional Peruvian dishes have inspired this blend as well.

Several years ago, after a sequence of challenges in my life.  Bella and I agreed that we needed some serious southern sunshine so we packed a couple of bag and flew south with the intent of relocating to Florida.  After being hacked and losing all our contacts in Clearwater Beach, my long-time friend Amanda came to our rescue. It was in that time that we birthed a vision for a fresh guacamole stand called Love Guac Hut.  Our home for that magical creation was the Tampa Bay Farmers Market. Imagine fresh guacamole, perfectly seasoned and sprinkled with one of our internationally themed spice blends, served in a beautiful Kraft-paper cone surrounded by beet, plantain, sweet potato and blue corn chips.  The joy those cones created was the greatest memory of all. Try serving that vision for a party one day! Your guests will Love It!

Pachamama Lama is also perfect for making chili, beans & rice, tacos, salads, grilled meats, soups, stews, fajitas and a plethora of other Latin-inspired dishes.  Breath in the aromas and let it inspire you to season your own creation. For the plant lover, it is wonderful when sprinkled in Sunflower Chick Pea Tacos with freshly made salsa.  Some of our spice fans use Pachamama Lama in Indian foods as well, as the cumin and chilies are very cross cultural.  Combine it with the Harissa-Jerk or Cowboy Blues to kick up the heat! There are no limits when creating with any of these blends.  Fearlessly Sprinkle in the Fun!