South Seas Surprise Spice Blend

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I once ended up on a solo trip to Thailand after all my travel partners had to back out for various reasons.  After days and days of exploring breathtaking beaches, hidden waterfalls, picturesque mountaintop vistas and incredible culinary dishes, I categorized Thailand as the place I would most definitely have to return to at another moment in time.    Did I mention the people of Thailand were some of most genuinely kind and helpful people I have ever met? It was almost as though the pulse of hospitality runs through the veins of their existence. That vacation was an uplifting surprise to all my senses and when I began to develop this line of spices, I knew that I had to create space for a Southeast Asian spice blend, a.k.a. South Seas Surprise.

In addition to incredible tropical fruits, noodle dishes, curries and the freshest seafood, the meals I most enjoyed included a plethora of the freshest herbs, vegetables, galangal (an Asian ginger), scallions, chilies, lime leaf, citrus and coconuts.  Those flavors are now categorized as some of my most favorite go-to comfort flavors.

I think you will enjoy the ease and versatility of the Red Coconut Curry Blender Sauce recipe which you can use over your favorite curry ingredients.  My daughter Bella loves when I make stir-fried vegetables using this blend with a splash of tamari or soy sauce, a bit of sesame oil, a handful of scallions and a squeeze of lemon.  It is also great as a flavor base for lentils, soups, rice pilaf, creamy dressings, marinades and when simply sprinkled on an avocado with a bit of salt.

The South Seas Surprise is essentially a lighter more tropical version of a yellow “curry powder”.  Therefore, anywhere a recipe calls for “curry powder”, you may choose to use either South Seas Surprise, One Love Curry or to add your own twist, a combination of both.