Spanish Sage Spice Blends

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Since I began developing these spice blends 4 years ago, the Spanish Sage has evolved the most.  It has helped however that one of my closest girlfriends is from Barcelona, Spain. So, in developing this blend, I was able to bounce my vision off her taste buds.  The earlier recipe version of the Spanish Sage is now archived as my Holiday Blend, which is woodsier and earthier. I look forward to adding that blend into the mix, further down the road.

This blend, however, is very similar in composition to the Mediterranean Mermaid.  It enjoys hanging out in moisture for the herbs to recharge. You can use this blend in just about anything.  We use this a lot in quinoa pilaf and soups. I have also used it in quiches, savory scones, chick pea burgers, roasted butternut squash, Thanksgiving stuffing and simply sprinkled over salad greens when I don’t have a dressing on hand.

For Louisiana favorites like Gumbo and Jambalaya, and the famed Spanish paella, I combine the Spanish Sage with the Cowboy Blues.  For holidays or for those who want a more elegant twist on a rub for Chicken or Turkey, the Spanish Sage combined with One Love BBQ are the dream team.

My goal with these blends is for you to feel confident using them.  If you’re not familiar with using spices, I want you to achieve great flavor without overthinking and wondering “How much do I have to use?”

For the photo of the Spanish Sage Citrus Vinaigrette, I made mason jar salads layered with cabbage, quinoa, tofu, feta cheese, peppers, scallions, carrots and tomatoes.  I covered the cabbage layer with the dressing to help tenderize the cabbage, then layered in the additional items. It’s a perfect meal for lunch at work, school, or on the go.  Simple shake and enjoy.

  1. You may also substitute the Mediterranean Mermaid in this recipe if you would prefer more of an Italian-style vinaigrette.